Couldn't We All Use A Little Inspiration?

Hello dear friends!  I hope you are enjoying this last day of January!  How did that happen?  The older I get, the faster time flies.  Don't you think?

Today, I think we could all use a little "happy" and some inspiration!  Some days I look in all the wrong places for it. #truth  

I love to walk in my neighborhood. We have gorgeous trees and rolling hills (that give me a good cardio burn). It helps me focus.  And pray.  I always play my praise music on my phone.  If you drove passed me you would probably think I was waving at you, but I am most likely raising my hands in praise to the Lord.  

Yesterday, was a gorgeous day, a little chilly but bearable.  A song popped up on my phone.  I had listened to this song over the Christmas holidays over and over.  As I listened yesterday, it inspired me again.  

It's by one of my favorite artists, Matt Redman from his Christmas album, "These Christmas Lights."  It features Natasha Bedingfield singing along with Matt. You remember her from songs like "Unwritten" and "Pocketful of Sunshine?" 

Here are the lyrics:

There is a moment
Every heart needs a rescue
There is a season
Every soul needs a breakthrough
Help from heaven
We all need
Help from heaven

There is a whisper
A voice of hope inside you
There is an answer
A name above to guide you
Help from heaven
We all need
Help from heaven

When the world is on our shoulders
And we need a hand to hold us
When no miracle is found, still believe
When the sea of night surrounds us
And all questions try to drown us
Just believe … just believe… in help from heaven

There is a reason
These tears have not been wasted
There is a future
For all these broken pieces
Look to heaven
All we need
Is help from heaven

When the road ahead is hidden
And we need a new beginning
When the battle’s closing in,
Still believe, o o o
One more step into the promise
And the hands of grace that hold us
Just believe … just believe… in help from heaven

Taking heart and holding on
Hope is closer than we know
Heaven will not let us go…
Help from heaven…

Written by: Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin

Wow!  Don't we all need this?  Help from heaven?  A hand to hold us?  

Don't we need to know that our tears have not been wasted?  

And don't we all need a new beginning?  

I sure do. 

Our world sure does.

I hope you will download it and set it on "repeat."  Look it up on iTunes. You can also watch the gorgeous video HERE.

I am also loving this devotional book:

"Flourish:  Live Loved. Live Fearless. Live Free."  by Margaret Feinberg.  My sweetheart of a daughter, who has heard Margaret speak at a conference, recommended it to me and I have loved every word.  It's not only thought provoking but very inspiring and challenging.  Here's a little excerpt:

What does it mean to flourish?

We flourish when we pursue the life God intends.

When our busy schedules keep us from stopping to love on a hurting friend, we falter. But when we slow down to open our arms to embrace the wounded, we flourish.

When we snap back at the difficult coworker, we flop. But if we return the insensitivities with kindness, we flourish.

God’s grace and favor make flourishing possible. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ empowers us to live loved, fearless, and free.
— Margaret Feinberg

It's a 52-week devotional that's "like reading a treasured letter from a friend." I spend the whole week on one entry, but you could easily do one a day.  You can read more about Margaret and order her book HERE. You can also get the book on Amazon HERE.

I hope you will order it.

Do we FLOP or do we FLOURISH?  I want the latter.  How about you?  #workingonit

I know this has been a long post, but I want to leave you with a sweet word that was sent to me by my friend Tracie.  Her niece, Kendra is a precious mom of 2 little girls. With her permission, this is what Kendra posted on Facebook a few weeks ago:

Wish I had thought of that!  I want to be that woman for my beautiful grown daughter and for my precious little angel of a granddaughter, for my darling son and for my "man-child" grandson. 

Friends let us never forget where I identity comes from. 

Where our help comes from.

If we do that...


xo Glo 



Girls Night!

Have you ever just needed a girl's night out?  Boy I have!  I am remembering when my now-grown children were little!  Their daddy coached football in Texas and worked loooong hours!  My hubby and I always made it a point to have a date-night once a week, but I always looked forward to some much-needed girl time!  It was and still is fun to go have dinner, go to a movie, or go shopping with the girls.   One of my most favorite things to do is to attend some sort of women's conference where I can be fed spiritually by one of my favorite bible teachers and refuel my soul!  It was (and still is) important for me to do that for myself, my marriage, and my children.  I was blessed to get to hear the awesome Beth Moore speak more times then I can count.  So much so, I always believed in my own crazy mind that this fellow Texas girl was my BFF! If you know me, then you know I am not kidding! Ha!  

Beth Moore-Living Proof Ministries

Beth Moore-Living Proof Ministries

You can read more about Beth HERE!

You might be thinking "this old lady sure can ramble!"  Get to the point, woman!  Just EXCITED!   I am excited to share and invite you all to a special Girl's Event that's about to go down in a few days In Canton, Georgia!  

It's the Women's Conference at Revolution Church...Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th!  Ok I am a little partial.  There's this darling Pastor's wife who has a desire to LOVE JESUS. AND GROW WOMEN.  She happens to be my daughter and I am just a tad bit proud!


 She and her amazing team (I MEAN REALLY AH...MAZING TEAM) have been planning, praying, plotting, and praying some more for this to be over-the-top GOOD!!!  The two featured speakers for the event are Lisa Harper and Whitney Capps, both awesome bible teachers!  You can read more about Lisa HERE. Read more about Whitney HERE. Two incredible speakers and two incredible days of teaching!

Join us, won't you?  Registration is open until October 3rd, so hurry!

You can register and find out more about the Women's Conference HERE

To find out more about Revolution Church go HERE.