A New Year, A New Cookbook, and A New Word...Let's Slurry?

Happy New Year dear friends!

I hope your Christmas holidays were full of family, food, and fun! We had a very restful and happy Christmas/New Year!  The only thing I don't like about these days is that they go by too fast, especially when I get to spend extra time with these two cuties!

One of my favorite gifts I received was my sweet felt letter board from my darling daughter.  I flat-out told her that's what I wanted and she came through as always! Thank you Linds! I love you!

The boards come in different sizes and includes 290 letters! Mine is the 10" x 10" "Poet" in grey. I think it will be so fun for scriptures, announcements, holidays, and special occasions.  I created the "Baby It's Cold Outside" when it was actually cold outside...but today we were near 70°!  Crazy huh?  (The snowflakes are just little fabric cut-outs from Michael's).  You can check out Letterfolk and my exact board HERE.

As for the new cookbook...promise I will get there!!  Ha ha ha!!  I need to give a little background info first.  I am doing another  round of "21 Day Fix" to rethink my food choices as we begin 2017.  You can read about it HERE and HERE. I mean I never stopped working out, but the holidays are for feasting and enjoying foods I would not normally eat.  So now that I am cooking more healthy meals, I wanted to find some fabulous recipes to cook in my you-know-what...

Okay okay I just could not resist!  I know that this little blog wasn't created just for my favorite kitchen appliance of all time but I have had so many requests for recipes that I wanted to share this new cookbook I found, "Paleo Cooking with your Instant Pot."  I actually discovered it on Instagram.  I stumbled upon Jennifer Robins account @predominantly_paleo and saw that her new cookbook had just come out and I thought....Paleo (healthy gluten and grain-free) plus Instant Pot?? That sounds intriguing!!  I immediately ordered a copy and...boom...it's a winner!!

Paleo Cookbook.jpeg

Now....listen to me!  Don't be afraid of Paleo!  It really is just eating healthy, real, delicious food! Period. So....the first recipe I tried gets two thumbs up in my book and hubby's too. It's called "Simple Beef Stew" and it was amazing.  It cooked at Manual pressure for 35 minutes and the stew meat came out fork-tender and yummy!

I learned a NEW WORD in this recipe too!  Have y'all ever heard of a "slurry!"  A what? Me either. It sounds like the Mickey D's treat or falling snow doesn't it???? What is it?Well....here you go:  

slurry. A thin paste of water and starch (flour, cornstarch or arrowroot), which is added to hot preparations (such as soups, stews and sauces) as a thickener. After the slurry has been added, the mixture is typically stirred and cooked for a few minutes in order to thicken and lose any raw taste.

Nobody ever told me about this...






I feel so deprived and left out of the conversation.  Oh yes I have been thickening various recipes for years, but NEVER knew I was "slurrying!" Did you??? Gah!!!

You can order "Paleo Cooking with your Instant Pot" and find the recipe on Jennifer's blog HERE.

You can find her on Instagram HERE.

I also tried my first boiled eggs in the IP according to her recipe...8 minutes and the eggs were perfect!  Really??  Who knew?

Oh and while we're on the subject of Ryan Gosling...or were we?  I have to give a shout out about his new movie....

It was soooooo good!  He and Emma Stone are a match-made-in-heaven. Loved the music and the dancing! Go see it. They deserved all the accolades they received at the Golden Globes!  It's very "old Hollywood-ish!" I wonder if they've ever slurried? Hmm....

I'll be back later with a fun Style post about one of my favorite "winter-style" looks so... 

Stay tuned. 

Stay warm.

Stay cool.

And slurry, slurry, slurry.

xo, glo


These are a few of my favorite things...


Hey hey!  Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed our time in Texas with our family but it's good to be home! #theoriginal4  #lovethem

I love this time of year so much. One of my favorite things is to watch Hallmark movies.  This was a cute one...The Mistletoe Promise with Jaime King. She's one of my Hart of Dixie favorites on Netflix.  Check out both!  #hallmarklove

OK...I rounded up some of my favorite things for the season. All of these things would make sweet gifts!  Take a quick look! You might see something to give away or something to keep!  


I love love love a FREE printable!  You can find them all over Pinterest.  This one is way cute!  I found it HERE.  I frame all my printables myself.  I buy these frames from Michaels!  They are inexpensive but look amazing with the prints.  Go to my FREE PRINTABLES BOARD on Pinterest to see all the cute prints!  #freeprintablesarethebomb

Holly Jolly.jpeg

I haven't had a chance to read this yet but my mom had a copy of "The Magnolia Story" when I was visiting for Thanksgiving.  I skimmed it and it is on my wish list! I do love and admire Chip and Jo.  Last spring, my sweet son took me to the Silos in Waco and it was so fun! Texas friends...you must go if you haven't already!  Here I am with Jo Jo's cute mom.  You can find their book HERE! #shiplap

My "Favorites" wouldn't be complete without some Kendra Scott.  I adore me some Kendra!  I am loving this necklace!  I also love that Kendra Scott is gives back. It makes me happy to support charitable businesses!  Don't you agree? #rosegoldkendra

My fab and fit daughter first told me about Fabletics for activewear.  I have been ordering their workout clothes for a while now and they are awesome!  Great quality and very affordable!  Salar Capris are my favs!  You can read all about Fabletics HERE.  Take a look! #fitandfabat59

Well...y'all know by now that my Instant Pot is possibly my most favorite thing EVER! I talked all about my breakup with my crockpot and pressure cooker in a previous post HERE.  Seriously it's one of the best inventions of the century!  Run, don't walk as fast as you canand getcha one!  Or let your fingers do the walking and order one from Amazon HERE. #instantpotlove

I ordered this cutie from Target.  For some reason, I have a new obsession with anything that has a red car or truck and a Christmas tree!  #gofigure  I ordered it while I was traveling in Texas and picked it up at my local store when I got home! I do that often on items that may sell out!  You can find this darling tray Here. #redcarsandchristmastrees

Next, I discovered this amazing, miracle "stuff" a few months ago on Mix and Match Mama's Blog. Shay is a precious blogger from Dallas, Texas.  She is one to follow! You can find her HERE.  I mix this Nars Illuminator in the color Orgasm (sorry) with my foundation for a subtle glow.  It is simply awesome. You can find it HERE.  You will love the way your skin looks.  #glowwithglo

I cannot recommend this next favorite enough!  I have loved Folk Angel music for years.  The sounds of Folk Angel will get you into the Christmas spirit for sure. My dear former pastors wife, Lauren Chandler lends her lovely voice to this amazing Christmas CD so that makes it even more special to me. There are several CD's to choose from.  You can find Folk Angel HERE and also on itunes!  You will not be disappointed I promise!  #iheartfolkangelmusic

And last but not least, drum roll please...I am wishing for one of these!  How cute are these felt letter boards from Letterfolk?  They come in several sizes and over 200 letters are included! This would be so fun for scriptures, holidays, etc! You can find these adorable boards HERE.  #letterfolklove  #hinthint

Well, my friends, there you have it!  See anything you love?  Leave a comment and let me know your favorites!!! Blessings and enjoy this most wonderful time of year! 

Glo xo





One of These Things is Not Like the Other!


Hey friends!  

First let me just say that you all are the best!  Your response to my B.loved giveaway was overwhelming! Thank you, thank you for subscribing and for all of the sweet comments!  Love you all!

Today, I have three random, totally unrelated things (that's how I roll) to share with you.  One is delicious, one is sweet, and one is adorable I think.

For the delicious...I am so excited to tell you about a yummy recipe I tried in my Instant Pot.  Y'all it's a winner.  Some of you might have tried the Mississippi Pot Roast.  I found it on Pinterest last year and have loved it ever since!  I used THIS recipe.  I made it over and over in the crockpot...but remember we broke up?  You can read about that breakup HERE.  

So when I fell (I mean I fell hard y'all) for the Instant Pot, I knew I had to find a Mississippi Pot Roast recipe specifically for this amazing pot!  So I searched the world (Pinterest) over for the perfect recipe and I finally found one I love.   

It was simply delicious and oh so easy.  I used THIS recipe. I made it exactly as the recipe said except I only cooked it for 50 minutes instead of 90, and it was perfection!  It makes a fabulous gravy. 

You will not be disappointed, I promise!  Even if you do it "old school" in the crockpot! Ha!

For the sweet...I found this darling idea for a Christmas craft.  My dearest friend Karen is a precious pastor's wife in the Austin, TX area and she was needing a cute centerpiece for a women's gathering at her church. We thought these "Mason Jar Snow Globes" were so sweet and fun.  

How cute are these?  They are waterless and not too messy.  You can find the instructions from the The Vintage News Junkie HERE.  There is also a video tutorial.  So adorable for a table decoration or for sweet gifts for friends and neighbors!  I bought all of my supplies at Michael's but you can find everything you need at Hobby Lobby too!

PSST...for the adorable...what about these peep toe booties I found at DSW in Texas this week?  They are Lucky Brand of course! I find DSW is less expensive than other stores sometimes!  You can find them HERE.  I prefer a lower heel and these are perfect!  Don't you LOVE them?

Okay okay I said this was kinda random.  I get it..but please comment and let me know what you think!  Happy cooking and decorating...and bootie-wearing!  Tis' the season for all three!  Right?



Instant Pot Love

Welp, I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but...I have broken up!  Yep it's a sad day.  I have broken up with my CROCKPOT and my MANUAL PRESSURE COOKER!  Gotcha! It is true...the grass is greener on the other side.  All of a sudden my IG and FB feeds became bombarded with romantic posts about this new found love for the....wait for it....Instant Pot!  I was intrigued and a little skeptical.  It is an all-in-one electric pressure cooker and  slow cooker.  What what????   Now let me back up a few years...39 to be exact, when my mom-in-law gave me this:

IMG_4832 4.JPG

This a manual pressure cooker I have used for years.  My mother-in-law taught me how and I have used it to cook peas, beans, veggies, and meats.  I never dreamed we would part after all these years.

I started researching the Instant Pot after I saw my friend Kristen's post about it.  She bought hers on Amazon on the Prime Sale.  I missed that sale but I started following Marissa on Instagram @Instanpotlove  and she posted about another sale on Amazon.  I ended up getting mine for $69.99. There are several different models to choose from ranging in price from $80 to $180.  The more expensive ones even have Bluetooth. Really? 

Anyway I purchased the Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 5Qt/900W, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and Exterior HERE!

I am in love!  it has not failed me yet.  We can have a quick and delicious meal in a matter of minutes.  My first attempt was to cook some FROZEN, YES I SAID FROZEN chicken breasts to shred and use for tacos or chicken salad.  I used THIS recipe.  The chicken turned out perfect!  

Next...I tried soup.  We are big soup-lovers especially in the cool months.  I love my my mom's Vegetable Soup recipe so I decided to give it a shot.  I browned and sauteed hamburger meat and onions on the SAUTE' setting.  Then I dumped all the ingredients in the Instant Pot and set it on the MANUAL SETTING  for 15 minutes. Voila! It was done and awesome! You can find my mom's recipe HERE.  Little Patsy Jane adds spaghetti noodles to hers. Sometimes I do, but I try to watch our carb-count so I usually leave them out. Delish with or without.

Then OMG, I found a Chicken and Dumpling recipe on Pinterest.  I made it last night and it was yummy!

The Chicken and Dumplings recipe is here.

Ok now, for you skeptics...there is absolutely NOTHING to be afraid of. I know you are probably thinking the steam is scary. Y'all. Spending hours in the kitchen is REALLY scarey! Don't you think? There are tons of recipes on Pinterest.  Just search "Instant Pot."  Also I have created a board titled "Instant Pot" HERE.  If I have time to slow cook, I use the CROCKPOT setting.  Once the food is done there is KEEP WARM button.  Easy peasy!!! Promise!

So, anybody have one?  anybody want one? I would LOVE hearing your comments! (BTW, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own).  Enjoy!

Deep in the Heart!

We recently spent almost 2 weeks in our home state of Texas!  We always look forward to going "HOME!"  We spent lots of time with family which is always our main goal when we visit, but we also enjoy getting to EAT our way through Texas!  

First Stop:



We miss our Tex-Mex!  It's not the same in Georgia.  My sweet Georgia friends don't really understand "my" mexican food.  I am graciously trying to educate them! We also love this:



We love us some Whataburger!  I can't really explain it.  I always liked it when we lived in Texas, but now that the closest place for us to get is Birmingham, Alabama, we somehow LOVE it more.  That spicy ketchup though!

Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention a home time favorite in Longview, Texas.  Pizza King....THE. BEST. PIZZA.  This restaurant is an East Texas treasure.  It has been owned and operated by the Inman family for over 50 years and a favorite date spot for hubby and I. (Yes, friends we are OLD)!!  Dallas friends, it's worth the drive! PROMISE!

I ate there twice in one day on our last visit!  We had the honor of gathering with some of hubby's coaching friends from Spring Hill High School where he coached a total of 13 years!  We ordered PK Pizza and had such a special time gathering with old coaches and friends!

So much fun seeing all of these coaching friends!

So much fun seeing all of these coaching friends!

Life-long godly mentors and friends!  We LOVE Coach Cook and his precious wife Susan!

Life-long godly mentors and friends!  We LOVE Coach Cook and his precious wife Susan!

Sweet coaches' daughters and wives! 

Sweet coaches' daughters and wives! 

A dream of a principal and his lovely wife Betty!  We LOVE these two.  Always supportive, win our lose!

A dream of a principal and his lovely wife Betty!  We LOVE these two.  Always supportive, win our lose!

It was my sister's birthday so we had a family dinner at PK that same night! Told ya I love PK!

I also got to attend a special baby shower and see some dear sweet friends.  Oh my... I love and miss these people!  

And just take a look at Brooke's stunning Austin-Style home!  Omg. It sits back in the woods and her darling hunk-of-a-husband, Jerrell built it!  I can't even!!!!  These sweet  people are "FRAMILY" to me!  We can go months without seeing each other and just take up where we left off...like no time has passed.  I loved getting to be with them and celebrating Chad and Rachael's upcoming bundle of joy!!! So fun! 


Then last but not least....our son surprised us with tickets to the Dallas Cowboy game!  

We haven't been to AT&T Stadium in a while so it was a beautiful sight to see!  The Cowboys won so that made it even more fun!  I wore my skinny jeans and booties!  I found a Cowboys T-shirt at Target at the last minute, knotted it with a hair tie (classy I know) and added my long grey duster! Comfy and casual and showing my spirit for my Cowboys! I had to be comfy because the Brisket Nachos were "to die for"!!



I took this picture in front of a humongous leaner mirror in my son's gorgeous foyer!  I love the backdrop! I will have to do a tour of his home soon! The skinny jeans and duster are from my precious friend Mandy's store, BLOVED here in Canton, GA!  You can follow her shop HERE! My booties I talked about HERE!

I hope you have enjoyed my take on Texas!  It will always be home to us, but I am so blessed to call Georgia home for now.  We live up the hill from our grands and we wouldn't trade a single second of being close to them and watching out daughter and her hubby do ministry! Georgia is a gorgeous state and even though it may not have Tex-Mex or Whataburger it has great souththern food and sweet southern people whom I have grown to love so very much! #grateful