One of These Things is Not Like the Other!


Hey friends!  

First let me just say that you all are the best!  Your response to my B.loved giveaway was overwhelming! Thank you, thank you for subscribing and for all of the sweet comments!  Love you all!

Today, I have three random, totally unrelated things (that's how I roll) to share with you.  One is delicious, one is sweet, and one is adorable I think.

For the delicious...I am so excited to tell you about a yummy recipe I tried in my Instant Pot.  Y'all it's a winner.  Some of you might have tried the Mississippi Pot Roast.  I found it on Pinterest last year and have loved it ever since!  I used THIS recipe.  I made it over and over in the crockpot...but remember we broke up?  You can read about that breakup HERE.  

So when I fell (I mean I fell hard y'all) for the Instant Pot, I knew I had to find a Mississippi Pot Roast recipe specifically for this amazing pot!  So I searched the world (Pinterest) over for the perfect recipe and I finally found one I love.   

It was simply delicious and oh so easy.  I used THIS recipe. I made it exactly as the recipe said except I only cooked it for 50 minutes instead of 90, and it was perfection!  It makes a fabulous gravy. 

You will not be disappointed, I promise!  Even if you do it "old school" in the crockpot! Ha!

For the sweet...I found this darling idea for a Christmas craft.  My dearest friend Karen is a precious pastor's wife in the Austin, TX area and she was needing a cute centerpiece for a women's gathering at her church. We thought these "Mason Jar Snow Globes" were so sweet and fun.  

How cute are these?  They are waterless and not too messy.  You can find the instructions from the The Vintage News Junkie HERE.  There is also a video tutorial.  So adorable for a table decoration or for sweet gifts for friends and neighbors!  I bought all of my supplies at Michael's but you can find everything you need at Hobby Lobby too!

PSST...for the adorable...what about these peep toe booties I found at DSW in Texas this week?  They are Lucky Brand of course! I find DSW is less expensive than other stores sometimes!  You can find them HERE.  I prefer a lower heel and these are perfect!  Don't you LOVE them?

Okay okay I said this was kinda random.  I get it..but please comment and let me know what you think!  Happy cooking and decorating...and bootie-wearing!  Tis' the season for all three!  Right?