A New Year, A New Cookbook, and A New Word...Let's Slurry?

Happy New Year dear friends!

I hope your Christmas holidays were full of family, food, and fun! We had a very restful and happy Christmas/New Year!  The only thing I don't like about these days is that they go by too fast, especially when I get to spend extra time with these two cuties!

One of my favorite gifts I received was my sweet felt letter board from my darling daughter.  I flat-out told her that's what I wanted and she came through as always! Thank you Linds! I love you!

The boards come in different sizes and includes 290 letters! Mine is the 10" x 10" "Poet" in grey. I think it will be so fun for scriptures, announcements, holidays, and special occasions.  I created the "Baby It's Cold Outside" when it was actually cold outside...but today we were near 70°!  Crazy huh?  (The snowflakes are just little fabric cut-outs from Michael's).  You can check out Letterfolk and my exact board HERE.

As for the new cookbook...promise I will get there!!  Ha ha ha!!  I need to give a little background info first.  I am doing another  round of "21 Day Fix" to rethink my food choices as we begin 2017.  You can read about it HERE and HERE. I mean I never stopped working out, but the holidays are for feasting and enjoying foods I would not normally eat.  So now that I am cooking more healthy meals, I wanted to find some fabulous recipes to cook in my you-know-what...

Okay okay I just could not resist!  I know that this little blog wasn't created just for my favorite kitchen appliance of all time but I have had so many requests for recipes that I wanted to share this new cookbook I found, "Paleo Cooking with your Instant Pot."  I actually discovered it on Instagram.  I stumbled upon Jennifer Robins account @predominantly_paleo and saw that her new cookbook had just come out and I thought....Paleo (healthy gluten and grain-free) plus Instant Pot?? That sounds intriguing!!  I immediately ordered a copy and...boom...it's a winner!!

Paleo Cookbook.jpeg

Now....listen to me!  Don't be afraid of Paleo!  It really is just eating healthy, real, delicious food! Period. So....the first recipe I tried gets two thumbs up in my book and hubby's too. It's called "Simple Beef Stew" and it was amazing.  It cooked at Manual pressure for 35 minutes and the stew meat came out fork-tender and yummy!

I learned a NEW WORD in this recipe too!  Have y'all ever heard of a "slurry!"  A what? Me either. It sounds like the Mickey D's treat or falling snow doesn't it???? What is it?Well....here you go:  

slurry. A thin paste of water and starch (flour, cornstarch or arrowroot), which is added to hot preparations (such as soups, stews and sauces) as a thickener. After the slurry has been added, the mixture is typically stirred and cooked for a few minutes in order to thicken and lose any raw taste.

Nobody ever told me about this...






I feel so deprived and left out of the conversation.  Oh yes I have been thickening various recipes for years, but NEVER knew I was "slurrying!" Did you??? Gah!!!

You can order "Paleo Cooking with your Instant Pot" and find the recipe on Jennifer's blog HERE.

You can find her on Instagram HERE.

I also tried my first boiled eggs in the IP according to her recipe...8 minutes and the eggs were perfect!  Really??  Who knew?

Oh and while we're on the subject of Ryan Gosling...or were we?  I have to give a shout out about his new movie....

It was soooooo good!  He and Emma Stone are a match-made-in-heaven. Loved the music and the dancing! Go see it. They deserved all the accolades they received at the Golden Globes!  It's very "old Hollywood-ish!" I wonder if they've ever slurried? Hmm....

I'll be back later with a fun Style post about one of my favorite "winter-style" looks so... 

Stay tuned. 

Stay warm.

Stay cool.

And slurry, slurry, slurry.

xo, glo